How Does The Creators Network Pay You To Post?

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With a constantly growing member base, how can the Creators platform actually afford to pay its members? It's actually quite simple, let's break it down!

Since the beginning of time...well; the beginning of Marque Creators, tons of people have had the question, "How is it possible?" or "How do they pay you?"; some say..."It sounds like a scam." or "Too good to be true."

We will debunk all of the theories, and let you in on the secret. 

Today, we pull back the curtains and bring you a sneak peek inside the business model of the Creators platform. 

This article will explain where the money comes from to keep the active members of the Creators network PAID!

If you haven't read the article explaining our points system you should read that first, go ahead and Click Here.

Marque Creator's social network allows members to earn points, that can, in turn, be exchanged for money that can be withdrawn or spent on our networks marketplace, academy, or even sent to other members.

Marque Creators has a unique system in place, to ensure we can give back to our community. The creator's network is owned by an umbrella company Marque Group LLC founded by Colby Fifer. This company, along with many other brands, products and services were founded under the same umbrella. 

The majority of these brands fall under the category to help business owners and entrepreneurs whether it be software or another product/service. You can find these ads scattered across the network, although you may not be aware these brands are owned by the Marque Group umbrella and help make this great network possible.

When a member of the Creators network goes to make a purchase via one of our partnered brands, 1/3 of this money goes to an account that funds "giving back" to the community. 

These funds cover various expenses like paying our members, offering giveaways, and other avenues that give back to the community.  


That's it! It's quite simple, yet very powerful.

Still, have questions? Drop a comment on this blog and we will be sure to answer it for others to see. 

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