Polish Your Copywrite Skills - 3 Tips To Improving Your Ad Copy

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How's your ad copy? Are your ads slacking? Here are a few great tips to get you on track and up to date with the latest trends in copy.

I'm writing this article today, in spite of the recent MADNESS that has been going on in my businesses marketing departments..not just one but almost ALL of them! 

Whether it was bad grammar in an image or a sloppy CTA in a post-it got out of hand.

Well, what did I do you may ask?

The team's and I buckled down and figured out what the core of the issue was and we fixed it. Today I will be giving you 3 of the best tips I have for you to fix any issues you may be having. Let's get started!


Let's not waste time, here are the 3 tips:


1. Put Your Customers First

When it comes to copy, businesses tend to focus too much on the wrong things. Most try to focus on the qualifications of the prospect/client, while you should be focused on how you can solve that person's problem.

2. Use Plenty Of Line Breaks

This is especially important for digital content.

Less is more and no one wants to sift through large blocks of text, so embrace white space.

3. Use Everyday Language To Avoid Confusion

Writing business copy is about making money, not winning literacy awards. Don’t try to be too clever or you risk your message not getting across or not being understood.


There you have it! These tips alone will take you to new heights. This was meant to be short and to the point, if you liked these tips and would like to learn more try one of our courses of copywriting pitched below.


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