Thanksgiving Updates - 11/19

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Come check out the latest updates on our platform as of 11/28/19

Hey everyone! First off, Happy Thanksgiving, I hope everyone is having a great day. Now let's get straight into it. Since our Beta release on 11/25 our developers have been hard at work to bring new features to the platform as well as perfect some of our current features. Below is a list of changes made and updates you should be aware of! 


  • We have added a weather widget to your right-hand-side bar on desktop 
  • We are unrolling our Academy this week, you can find the tab in your sidebar (link may or may not be 100% active until it has been completed; ETA December 1st)
  • We have added a list of 5 verified marketing tools to your left-hand-side bar (all tools available free our for upgraded members)
  • We have removed the "games" page and will be adding games to release sometime during December
  • Developers can now access our API and build applications
  • Our Mobile applications for IOS and Android are under development and scheduled to be released early December 
  • Our mobile applications(IOS, Android Windows) for the messenger are under development and expected to be on app stores early December

That's it for this week, keep an eye on our blog for specifics on how you and your business could benefit from some of these great updates.