How to earn points and turn them to CASH on the Creators Network

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Here's the low's exactly how to farm the most points, and cash-out; the right way!

I'm very excited to write this blog! Today we will be explaining our points system. Marque Creators pays its members points, that have a cash value. Earn points by simply engaging with the community and sharing your opinions and value. Refer friends, earn points and reach your withdraw minimum to cashout in your preferred currency. (Paypal or Bitcoin)

First off, how are points accumulated and how much are they actually worth?

Points are accumulated by commenting on a post, reacting to a post, and creating a post of any kind. 

250 points earned is equal to $1.00. There are 3 different ways to earn points. By reacting to a post, by creating a post, and by commenting on others' posts!

You can earn at most 500 points per day, equivalent to $2. If you are a Pro Member(upgrade here), you can earn up to 1000 points per day, equal to $4. 

You are required to have $100 or more in your account before requesting a payout via Paypal or Bitcoin.


What are all of the ways to earn points? 

You can earn points in 3 different ways. 

  1. Reacting to a post (1 point)
  2. Commenting on a post (2 points)
  3. making a post (2 points)


What is the best strategy to earn points?

It's very simple! The most effective way to gain the max amount of points per day is to post content multiple times, every day. Sharing the love, by engaging with your friend's content will also gain you points. Posting 4-7 times per day, while engaging with all of your friend's posts; both recurring and providing a valued comment will help you reach that sweet goal of 500-1000 points per day. 


That's it! 

Are you curious about how this great system is possible? Read our blog here.